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You deserve to feel good.

If you're feeling frustrated, stuck, lost or simply aware that more is possible, I've got you.

The world has been a bit upside down (to say the least) and most of us were never given the tools to manage this level of insanity.

Luckily there are time-tested practices that are simple and easy to do that can help you tap into your greater awareness and literally help you create a different life for yourself.

Are you ready to create some very real & positive change in your world?

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Sessions are available in-person and online.  

Sacred Breathwork Private Sessions

€108 per session or €274 for series of three (€50 savings)

There is a great Sea of Wisdom within you, but sometimes it gets covered over by the chaos of life.  Breathwork is powerful.  Let me help you drop into this powerful stillness and reveal your Light of Being where clarity and peace reside.

Energetic Healing Private Sessions

€60 per session or €150 for series of three (€30 savings)

Open yourself to receiving and activate the universal life force within you. Deeply restful and rejuvenative, these ancient healing practices directly affect all levels of your being. Everything in the universe begins in the formless energetic state. This is what we access through these healing modalities. We affect far greater change on the material level by going directly to source.  

Hapé Sacred Plant Medicine Private Healing Session

€50 per session or €132 for series of three 

(€18 savings)

For those who wish to go even deeper, Andora offers ceremony with shamanic hapé, a powerful medicine from the Amazon.  Ceremonial hapé can be done on its own or before a Sacred Breathwork session.  Please contact Andora to discuss what might be the right path for you.  

Justina by Geenss Archenti Flores 2019.jpeg

Justina by Geenss Archenti Flores, 2019

Combined Sacred Breathwork, Reiki & Ceremonial Hapé
€136 per session or €362 for series of three (€46 savings)

What to expect:

We begin with discussion to open up clarity on where you are now and what it is you wish to create in your world.  If receiving hapé, you will be guided through centering exercises, then set your intention clearly.  When you are ready, the hapé is administered through a special pipe called a tepi.  You will be in a seated position for this.  While you process the healing, Andora sits nearby assisting as needed.  This initial part of your session can last between 15 and 45 minutes.  


If you are only doing Sacred Breathwork, you will begin here by laying down and getting as comfortable as possible.  Then Andora will begin guiding you through the special breathing.  For the majority of the session she will remain silent, giving gentle cues throughout to keep your journey going smoothly.  The Sacred Breath practice typically lasts about 60 minutes.  At the completion of your breath session Andora provides gentle Reiki while you continue to rest and integrate. This resting phase of your session can last 10-20 minutes.  Upon rising it's beneficial to take some warm tea and get your naked feet on the earth to ground, if that's possible.  

Sessions can take anywhere from 1-2 hours.  Obviously they will be longer when combining methods.  

Please set aside ample time for yourself during and after.  You'll want to reserve time for yourself to integrate following your session in order to get the most out of it.  If you can do that safely in nature, that is always recommended.

For online sessions, you'll need a quiet, comfortable and safe space where you won't be disturbed.  

Private 3-day retreats available.  Just ask.


All information shared by Andora Freedom is offered as an educational and informational resource for people curious about meditation and expanded states of consciousness. It is not a substitute for working with a licensed medical professional or therapist. Andora is not a medical doctor or therapist.  She does not diagnose or prescribe and cannot guarantee the outcome of following the recommendations provided.  It is expected that all individuals practicing Yoga Nidra and Breathwork will follow the prescribed advice of their medical doctors and therapists at all times.  Her statements about the potential outcome are expressions of opinion only. She makes no guarantees about the information and recommendations provided herein. By continuing to use, read, or participate in this website and all other sources related to it including, but not limited to her newsletter, YouTube channel, Facebook, Instagram, classes, events and trainings you acknowledge that Andora cannot and will not guarantee any particular results, as such outcomes are based on subjective factors that are not within her control. You also acknowledge that you participate in any and all activity provided by Andora at your own risk. 

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