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One thing all of humanity has in common is our searching for true inner peace.  Until we learn the secrets of real joy, we tend to spend our lives in constant outward movement looking for something that is actually closer than our own breath.  It is the breath that is the link which carries us from the outer world with all of its distractions to the ever-effulgent inner world where Peace is the constant.

Sacred Breathwork utilizes simple, ancient practices that carry us through the river of distraction to the Sea of Infinite Wisdom and Joy within.  There is a powerful living wisdom within the breath that cannot be matched.  It is the same wisdom that gives life to the whole universe.  When we surrender to this innate wisdom, magic inevitably happens.  

The first thing we do when we enter these bodies is inhale and the last thing we do at death is exhale.  It is the breath that gives us life and for those of us willing to be present enough, the breath can carry us through the illusion of separateness and into the Space of Totality, the Ocean of Bliss.  

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Breath is the bridge between you and the field of Pure Consciousness, the space of creation for all things. Once you learn to master it, you will come to understand your power to co-create with the universe.




Certified Breathwork Training



The two most important days in life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.
~Mark Twain

Samadhi Samudra Blessing Ritual
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