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So, you want to move to Portugal and you want the insider scoop!  I've got you!

This can be one of the best decisions you make for yourself.  I am thrilled for you!  

I have learned so much through this process and made so many wonderful connections.  Now I am happy to share what I have learned with you to help make your journey easier and more enjoyable. 

In this Move to Portugal course, you will not only learn all the steps for the more popular D7 visa, I am also sharing a plethora of other immensely helpful insider resources and links that will save you time and money. I also share local resources to help make it easier and more fun to settle into your new life in Portugal.   


While it can undoubtedly be complicated and stressful on your own, you can now relax because this program walks you through step-by-step.  And before you know it, you too can be sipping coffee or enjoying a cold one in an environment that feels like a dream.  

Stress less.

Save time & save money.

Want to have an insider friend help you?

It's invaluable to learn from someone who has already gone through the process. I've been where you are right now and I understand all of the questions, concerns, fears and excitement. I remember how confusing the whole process was when I went through it and designed this program to help it be far smoother and easier for you. I guarantee no one else offers a program that is this comprehensive.  

Includes (2) 15-minute private consulting calls with me! 

Some of what you'll learn in these 27 modules:

  • ​Things to consider before you move

  • The real cost of living in Portugal

  • D7 and Golden Visa

  • D7 Requirements

  • Bringing pets to Portugal

  • Essential insider resources

  • How to obtain your Portugal bank account

  • Getting your NIF

  • Health Insurance in Portugal

  • Finding your new home and fantastic resources to lovingly furnish it

  • Submitting your application packet

  • Your SEF appointment in Portugal

  • Phone, Internet & VPN

  • Shipping your belongings

  • Learning Portuguese

  • Driving in Portugal

  • and so much more...

Normally $299. Save $50!

Only $249 for a limited time!!

Floral Arrangement 1

That's me in Viana do Castelo.  Wonderful!!

Come join me!


The sunsets are delicious here!

 Private Consultations Available 

The glorious Douro Valley

Live the Life You Love
Ultimate Northern Portugal Relocation Tour

Before packing up and moving overseas, you'll undoubtedly want to experience for yourself what it's really like to live in Portugal. You are invited to come explore the gorgeous Minho region in the north of Portugal. Experience life like a local. Meet other expats. Discover things you'll love, as well as challenges you may face. Finding joy in your new country goes far beyond a list of likes and dislikes, it's also about the way a place feels. 

When you are ready to experience Northern Portugal for yourself, I've got you! 

Enjoy your stay with us in our lovely, old stone cottage by the mountains, river and sea, where we will share this magical place with you. 

Reservations for retreats/tours available now.
Save your space now!

"If you are planning on visiting Portugal, Andora is a treasure to have as your guide. She knows the intricacies of each city she takes you to in a way that is heartfelt and well organized with many delectable and exquisite surprises and gems. I felt catered to by her as a trusted guide, like she knew exactly what I needed and wanted as I traveled through Portugal. I saw and learned so much more than I anticipated. My experiences checked all the boxes that make travel fun, entertaining, educational, easy, comforting, and inspiring." ~A. Blair 

...and yes.  As you can see from the rest of my website, my other passions in life are meditation, breathwork and energetic healing.  Happy exploring!

Move to Portugal

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